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May 11, 2010

Welcome! This site is designed to provide you with information on everything from cleaning to organizing your home. We'd like to provide you with tips that will make your cleaning life quicker and EASIER! We don't promise to have all of the answers, but we'd like to try and give you the tools to make cleaning less stressful and more rewarding.

Let me tell you how this idea all began. One afternoon while my daughter was taking her nap I (Tami) thought to myself, "I guess the floors could use some scrubbing," and then sighed at the fact that this has been my most unfavorite job since I can remember. So I got out the bucket and rag and got down to work. While (complaining) cleaning I remembered back to all those days with my mom who seemed to have more cleaning tips that I could possibly remember. She'd go to clean something and then stop in her tracks and give me a little lesson before continuing. Right then and there I called her up and asked her about doing this site. What could be more fun, right? There are lots of us that just don't have the time to clean and don't want to clean. However, the fact is that eventually ya gotta pull up your sleeves and get to work. So we're here to help you do just that.


About Tami


I have been married to my husband, Josh, for five great years and we have one 15 month old daughter. I enjoy working as an elementary music teacher to kindergarten – fourth grade students and in my “spare” time I love to spend time with my family and friends, stamp, make cards, scrapbook, cook, talk to my mom on the phone, watch old Cary Grant movies and of course shop! Our families live out of town so we are often traveling to see them. My mother will tell you that its her “fault” that I like to have a clean house and its true! I’m very grateful that she spent time when I was growing up teaching me how to clean and keep things organized. Does this mean my house is always clean and organized? Heck no and I’m ok with that. I just do the best I can to honor God and my family!



About Kim

KimI'm excited to be starting this blog with my daughter Tami!! We're both a little cleaning crazy. I started back when I was a kid (because of MY mom), and I guess I passed it on to my daughter. OK...so I admit that I'm one of those moms that had her kids clean their rooms once a week! But - it was a good thing. Tami and our son, Matt, still like things clean and organized. So, a little about myself and my family: I am married to my very best friend, Bud, who by the way has been blessed with many, many talents. I have been a part-time secretary for many years. I've been working for a local heating and air conditioning company for the past six years; and I really enjoy my job. We are empty-nesters (which took awhile to get used to!). Our daughter, Tami, has been married for five years to Josh, and they have a beautiful daughter. Our son, Matt, has been married for almost four years to Kristan, and they have a precious baby boy.. I enjoy exercising, reading and taking care of the family. So I guess that's what I consider cleaning....taking care of the family. And I want to be clear about something....I don't want to be so fanatical that I can't enjoy people coming over to relax and have fun! I like to know that things are clean, but if people come over, I want them to feel comfy and cozy and just be able to chill by eating, playing games, just having fun and if things get messed up; it's ok....It all cleans up!!

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