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May 20, 2010

In this family we LOVE coffee. My husband and I don't leave the house in the morning without our mugs of coffee in hand. Therefore, the coffee pot gets used quite frequently. I find that the best way to clean the coffee pot is to use 1 parts white vinegar to 2 parts water. Put a filter in the pot as normal and run the vinegar/water solution through the pot. My coffee pot happens to have a "clean" cycle, but if yours doesn't just brew as normal. If the pot hasn't been cleaned in awhile do this process at least twice. Then run a full pot of water through the pot at least twice to clean the vinegar out of the pot!

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May 16, 2010

There is one bar of soap that I do not want to live without. I call it my miracle soap. With a toddler in the house there are constantly stains all over her clothes and this little soap is my life saver. Fels-Naptha soap has been around since the mid 1800s and has been a staple in many American homes for a long time. It comes wrapped in paper with its original logo and is slightly longer than a normal bar of soap at 5.5 oz. It is now owned by the Dial. You can watch a short video on Fels-Naptha HERE.

Personally, I keep the bar in a small Ziploc bag with a toothbrush inside. Any time I have a tough stain I put some water on the toothbrush, rub it on the soap, and brush the stain with the toothbrush. You can also scrub the bar directly on the stain or use a cheese grater and grate it right into your washer! It always makes my stains disappear! You can also use the soap in your homemade laundry detergent, which we are currently experimenting with, and even on your tile showers. The bar of Fels-Naptha lasts for quite a long time. The soap can be hard to find at times although I have found it at places such as Meijer or Walmart. This SITE sells it for $1.75 a bar with low shipping rates. I would tend to pay a little more for shipping seeing as how the soap lasts quite some time.  I definitely encourage you to buy a bar of this and try it out! You maybe never want to live without it!

Shirt With Stain

Shirt without Stain

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Need a few ideas on how to save time later in the kitchen and actually have a few minutes to just sit down and relax before hitting the hay? Here are few things you can do in the kitchen to keep up with things:

1. Do as many dishes as you can while dinner is cooking. Take a few seconds and wash any pots, pans or spoons that are not being used before dinner even starts and put them awayy. This creates less work after dinner.

2. Same thing goes for wiping down the counters. I always try and give them a good wipe before sitting down to eat.

3. Do all of the dishes after each meal so that they don't pile up. This one might seem simplistic, but it makes a huge difference. Growing up we didn't have a dishwasher! Well, except for my brother and I. I figure that if I didn't go to bed with a pile of dishes in the sink when there was NO dishwasher, I can certainly do the same WITH a dishwasher.. Yes folks, my mom still does not have a dishwasher!

4. Make it a family effort. We have our 16 month old helping already! If your kids are older you can make it contest and try to beat your best "time" for cleaning up the kitchen.

3. Wipe off the table and the counters as you are picking up dishes. I LOVE CLOROX wipes!!



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