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I recently posted about my spring cleaning adventures in the kitchen. It was very successful, thanks to my mom. My wonderful mother decided that we could get one more room done while she was in town. Therefore, we moved on to the living room. Once again, I looked at the room and wasn’t quite sure where to start, but mom got to work right away. Thankfully, after the kitchen, this room seemed like a breeze! We were able to get it done during one afternoon. What a relief! I’ve listed the steps below that we took as we cleaned the living room (sorry no fun pics this time!) Always remember to take it one step at a time and it will eventually be sparkling clean!

 • Fill a bucket with a small amount of Murphy’s Oil Soap and then fill about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way with water. Get some nice rubber gloves and a rag.

 • Take down all drapery and put them in the washing machine if machine washable.

 • Move any lightweight pieces of furniture away from the walls, and remove all wall hangings.

 • Choose which wall you’d like to start wiping down. We chose a corner and then worked around the room in a counterclockwise fashion. Begin wiping down the wall starting at the top and working your way down. Wipe all   electrical outlets, light switches, and trim as well.

 • Murphy’s Oil soap is great for anything made of wood. Therefore, take all items of shelves, coffee tables, bookshelves, media centers, etc. and wipe them down. Then wipe dry with a soft cloth. Wipe down all other items before putting them back in their place.

 • Remove the cushions and pillows from your couch (chairs, futons, and whatever else you lounge around on) and vacuum. I have a really nice hand held Dirt Devil that we used to vacuum the larger surfaces. We then used my Eureka vacuum attachments to get in the cracks and corners of the couch. Vacuum the cushions and pillows and replace them. We found a few interesting items in the couch including my husband’s stylus pen for his ipad. OOPS!! You just never know what you might find.

 • Use your favorite glass cleaner or this great homemade version to clean the inside and outside of the windows (unless its raining. We definitely did not venture outside), patio doors, mirrors, picture frames, etc. We noticed that the inside bottom of the windows were very dirty. Take a second to wipe it down with a wet cloth.

 • My living room is carpeted. Therefore, we vacuumed the room including underneath the couches and chairs and any other easy to move furniture.

 • Hang your nice clean drapery and enjoy the shine.

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