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May 12, 2010

Who doesn't like to use the latest and greatest cleaning products?  Do they do a good job or are some things just done better the "old fashioned" way? 

Well, a few years ago I bought a Swiffer Wetjet. I thought it would be something that I would really like, but...

 ~First, I want to say that for people who are extremely busy and the only way to clean your floors is by using the Swiffer Wetjet, then better to use it than to have dirty floors!

 ~Second, it also depends on how big of floor space you have in your kitchen or bathrooms.  If the space is small, then the Wet Jet will be more useful.

 ~But, to be honest, I don't really like the Swiffer Wet Jet when I do my weekly scrubbing of the floors. We have a lot of flooring in the kitchen, so the pad that goes on the bottom of the Swiffer gets dirty way too fast, & then I'm just swishing the dirt around on the floor. Also, it does not really get in the corners or even against the woodwork that well. So, a lot of times I have to stop & pick up the dirt with a paper towel. So, I really think its better to do it the old fashioned way and scrub on my hands & knees. I have to be honest here...since it's just my husband and I in the house now, our floors don't get as dirty, so I will scrub one week; & if I'm busy the next week, I'll use the Swiffer AND I do like to use it when I've spilled something or see a dirty spot on the floor, & it's not time for the whole floor to be scrubbed.

 So---I guess all in all the Swiffer Wetjet comes in handy at times when there are spills; but you can call me old fashioned because I still feel the best way to get the floors clean is by getting down on my hands & knees, use a rag and scrub away (of course, I wear knee pads now!).

*written by Kim

Posted by Kim on May 12 10 | Comments (7)

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