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No matter what we do in life.  Whether we work in an office, teach 30 elementary school students, or stay at home with our kids, we set goals for ourselves.  We set our vision, then our goals to help reach that vision, and from there make a list of how to go about accomplishing those goals.  When it comes to A Clean manor, we want to bring you tips that not only help you stay clean and organized on a daily basis, but that also help you reach goals that you haven't reached before.  Accomplishing the smallest goals is often very rewarding and it allows us to reach for bigger and better goals.  We have taken some time to set some realistic goals for ourselves over the past few months.  This will only help in bring YOU the best and quickest cleaning and organizing tools we have to offer. 

Shark Vac Then SteamToday, we'll start with a product review.  First of all, I have been eyeing up this product for several years! I just had a feeling that this cleaning product was NOT going to disappoint.  Let me just say that I was correct.  I received the Shark Vac Then Steam as a Christmas gift from none other than my mother!  I'm sure no one is surpised.  Now, I am NOT a person that gets upset at receiving this type of gift as a present. Oh no way. I was extremely excited.  So excited in fact that I will post a picture of myself receiving it.  Do you see the excitement on my face?  The Shark Vac Then Steam is a great tool for cleaning up messy hard surfaced floors.  To begin you can vacuum up the bits and pieces of crumbs that are left on the floor. In my home we own hard wood floors.  I simply plug in the vacuum and suck it all up!  You can then empty the container of dirt right into the trash can.  But, I have to be honest.  The next part is my favorite.  You then attach the steam-cleaning pad and add water.  Simply turn the switch and watch the steam begin to flow out of the Shark!  It's amazing.  I mop my entire floor using my Shark Mop. It steam cleans the floor and I love the job it does!  The pads used to clean the floor can then go into the washing machine to be cleaned! How great is that?  I then unplug, wrap it all up, and the nice and light vacuum is stored right in my laundry room.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.  Now, I will admit the price on the Shark Vac and Steam is a little higher, however, if you are an avid Kohl's shopper like me, you can find it on sale.  In fact, it is on sale right now for 40 dollars off the original price. Plus you can use your Kohl's coupons and get even a better deal!  Wowza. That's all I can say.  I love having my floors clean.  I love not ALWAYS having to get on my hands and knees and still feeling like it does a good job (yes I still do it on my hands and knees every once in a while for that extra shine).  If you have any questions at all feel free to ask and if you own any other Shark products I'd love to hear about them! 

Tami gets her Shark

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