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I feel fortunate to have a pantry in my kitchen to store food, especially since my last house did not have one. It is not large, but big enough to store food and baking items. However, I can't ever decide how exactly to organize it and what to put where. Therefore, I'm constantly moving things around in there! Here are a few tips on how I organize my food "space!"

Here's a picture of the pantry before organizing

I haven't gone through the food in awhile and don't really know where anything is!

Pantry    before










Umm, chips everywhere and potatoes on top of containers...

bottom shelf






and no real organization here either...

pantry top







So I started with the top shelf and began taking everything out.

pantry clean on top






I put boxes of food items and the coffee on the third shelf.  I don't need these items as often and they fit nicely together.  I then placed extra cereal boxes (more on that in a second), peanut butter, unopened sauces, and cans on the second shelf.  I also purchases a small wire shelf to put on the second shelf.  This way I could put cans underneath and on top of this wire shelf!  The first shelf contains snacks, cereal, and flour/sugar.  I LOVE these Martha Stewart Tupperware containers I purchased to store cereal, chips, and baking items.  The entire bag of food pours right into the container and I cannot believe how much longer the food lasts!  No stale cereal and no flour bags making messes!  They also stack very conveniently. 

pantry containers






pantry  containers 2










I have room in my pantry to place a smaller shelf underneath the larger shelves.  I placed all other baking items on this shelf as well as lunchboxes and other miscellaneous items.  Here is the finished product!  Do you have any fun pantry/food organizing tips? Let us know!

finished pantry


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