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Jun 7, 2010

One of the things in the kitchen that we all want to put off cleaning: THE REFRIGERATOR!!  However,  I've learned that putting it off only makes it longer and more dreadful to clean when you do get to it. I know cleaning the refrigerator is a pain, but if you keep at it, it really doesn't take that long. 

I go to the grocery store every two weeks, so I find that's a good time to clean it out. If that doesn't work for you, then try and do it at least once a month...that's only twelve times a year! Another good time to clean it out is when I'm going to be in the kitchen cooking or baking for a couple of hours. While I wait on cookies, I'll clean it out.

I begin by going shelf by shelf. I take out and throw out. Then I clean each shelf with a damp cloth.  I then start putting the items back in the refrigerator. Next come the doors. I know the refrigerator door is the worst part, but it's amazing how many things on the door can be outdated - I tend to forget about them. Take a second to look for expired items and throw away. Then wipe the doors clean. As far as the freezer goes I like to quickly organize it and wipe it down when I'm putting new items in it. I think things like to hide at the back of the freezer!  I like to keep an open box of baking soda in the refrigerator to keep oders from creeping in.  One box will last about 3 months. 

Did you know?: cleaning out the coils underneath your refrigerator can actually save electricity?  Click HERE for a video on how to vacuum and brush your refrigerator coils. 

Quick TIP: I clean the top of the outside of my fridge once a week, but if you don't, when you clean out the fridge, wash off the top--it's amazing how dirty and dusty it gets up there!

BLESSING: Be thankful for self-defrosting!

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