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I am one of those strange people that have never minded cleaning the bathroom. Weird huh? Perhaps it is due to the fact that both of my bathrooms are small or because I love the feeling of a nice clean bathroom, but either way I love spring cleaning the bathroom. My house has two small full bathrooms. I always start with the one off of our bedroom because it tends to take a little longer. Below are the steps to take when spring cleaning your bathroom. Please remember that spring cleaning does not happen over night! Take one week to do each room so that it doesn’t become an overwhelming task. In the end you’ll feel like you have a brand new house!

 • Pour a small amount of Murphy’s Oil Soap into a bucket and fill the bucket 1/4 to 1/2 full with water. Have rubber gloves and a nice rag ready to use.

 • If you have medicine cabinets/shelves begin with those. I was a little surprised at how many expired medicines were in our cabinet. Make sure to carefully dispose of the medicine. Take a moment to read the Food and Drug Administration's suggestions for medication disposal. 

 • Take out the items off of each shelf and wipe down all sides of the shelf your Murphy’s Oil Soap mixture. Wipe dry with a clean cloth and organize any items you will be keeping in the cabinet.

 • My bathroom does not have a linen closet in it, however, yours might. Take time to go through the linen closet shelves. Wipe them down and purge unnecessary items (have you noticed I LOVE saying that?).

 • Wipe out all lights and fans in the bathroom.

 • This is also a great time to clean out any toothbrush holders, etc. I soak mine in vinegar for about 1/2 an hour and then wash with soap and water.

 • For all of you that have a cabinets/drawers underneath or beside your sink make sure and clean these out and wipe them down. Put all items back in their place.

 • It is time to attack the shower/bath. You may want to use another bucket with hot water for this area.  Empty the area of any small items such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, or toys.Magic eraser now makes a new         product specifically for wiping down your shower or bath area! If you want to go the extra mile, use your normal bathtub cleaner such as Scrubber Bubbles or non-toxic Seventh Generation Tile Cleaner. Then take your magic eraser and give it one good extra scrub. If you have extra tough spots, Lime Away also works really well.

 • If you haven’t changed your shower curtain liner in while and it is looking a little grim it just might be time to replace it with a fresh one!

 • This is also a great time to replace all scrub brushes, loofas, or any other bath items.

 • Next scrub that toilet like never before with your normal toilet bowl cleaner. Then scrub all other areas of the toilet, including the hard to get part on the floor. I feel like yuck nasty hair decides to collect in those hard to reach areas. I’m convinced its just to gross me out every time I clean the bathroom!! YUCK!

 • Wipe down your bathroom sink area with your favorite bathroom cleaner. Magic Eraser works great here too!

 • Wipe down all mirrors with your favorite glass cleaner or your own homemade glass cleaner.

 • Wipe down the walls and trim from top to bottom with your Murphy's Oil Soap mixture.

 • Sweep the bathroom floor. Empty your bucket and refill with some mild soap and hot water. Scrub the bathroom floor with a nice clean rag.

 • Has your bathroom really ever been THIS clean? Sit down and drink a huge glass of lemonade.

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