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Mar 7, 2016

Two and a half years ago a close friend approached me about the new cloths she was cleaning her home with.  She did a quick demo and gave me a sample cloth. I shook it off as just another new fad that wouldn't last and went on my way.  A few months later we packed up our entire household and moved across the country to the land of Colorado with our 2 kids and our beloved dog.  As I was cleaning I was noticing that there were a few very stubborn spots on our appliances and walls. None of the products that I had been using were working.  I suddenly remembered that random "sample cloth" (now known as my beloved Enviro cloth). I grabbed it, got it damp, and starting cleaning. I was amazed.  It took every stubborn spot right out and everything it touched looked amazing! I immediately called her and said, "TELL ME MORE!!"  It wasn't long before I ditched all of my chemical cleaners and was happily cleaning my home (and our bodies!) with a cloth and water. It wasn't long after that that I was telling so many people about Norwex that I decided it was also a great addition to provide some extra income for the family.  1.5 years later it is still something I love to talk about and share with others! I'm going to be sharing some of the ways that I love Norwex and how I use it in our home.  It was so very refreshing to ditch the chemicals.  We save money, time, and are healthier and for that I am thankful! 

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